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RUG token

To Rug or not to Rug. The risk is in the hand of the holder, the choice in the hands of the Team Some will see the satire, others simply a fair warning. Why bother buying into the fallacy other projects give when Rug gives you no hope, no future, and no sign of when (or if) the Rug will occur. Join the journey to be the most successful Rug in Bsc

Reasons to buy

Safe Degen

The Rug Army’s stealth launch,will put fear in the hearts of all other memes around the world. He will be good to all that join them so be on the lookout for Rug token,  will be taking over a city near you!

Bullish Team

With experience comes knowledge, our understanding of the BSC space will allow us to gather the funds we need to make a worthwhle rug for us and ours. Join us on this epic journey. Much experience, much bullish. 

RUG Features

Locked liquidity

We locked, but dont let that fool you

Marketing connections

Callers we know, marketing we know, things we know. We also know when to rug

Marketing Wallet

Our marketing wallet allows us to pump the chart through callers and buy backs. 


Buy 8%
Lp 1%
Dev 1%
Rewards 1%
Marketing 5%

Sell 16% will be lowered over time
Lp 2%
Dev 2%
Rewards 2%
Marketing 10%

Total supply: 1,000,000,000





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